Style on a budget – how to look classy and fashionable

I’d like to share this blog post such a long time and so many of you were asking me about my style and how I have the budget to look fashionable all the time. I was a shopaholic before and I spent all my money on clothes and then they were just sitting in my closet and I never wore them. The biggest problem was that I had too many clothes and I couldn’t decide in the morning what to wear. I think everyone knows the situation ‘I have nothing to wear’ but your wardrobe is full of clothes. After I had this problem for years, I started to create a wearable wardrobe. No, it’s not a blog post about a capsule wardrobe that’s not my thing but I believe everyone can look stylish on a budget.

Let’s see my tips:

  • High street brands and sales

If you walk on the high street you can find so many brands selling beautiful, trendy but also basic clothes. In my opinion, you don’t need to buy expensive clothes to look nice and feel confident in your outfit. But before you go shopping or checking the online stores I recommend to make a list of what you need, what’s missing from your collection. After you decluttered everything you didn’t wear for months and years, I suggest making a mood board or go through on your Pinterest feed and write down what you’d like to wear. Later in this post, I am writing about the key pieces.

If you are done with your list, let’s go shopping! There are many stores to chose from and they have very affordable and wearable pieces. My tip, if you find something but you think it’s not your budget, check it in another store, I’m sure you will find something similar or the same but cheaper. These brands always do sales or promotions in the stores or online, so try to be aware and buy your missing pieces with a little discount. Everyone likes a bargain but please don’t forget you try to minimalize your closet, don’t buy any unnecessary thing.

Sales are very tricky because brands want to clear out their warehouses and sell everything for you what you probably don’t need. Try to be careful and choosy with clothes on promotion. Never forget to check the quality of the clothes on sales, it can be faulty sometimes.

  • Key pieces:

There are some key pieces you need to have in your wardrobe if you’d like to have a classy, fashionable closet but of course, you can choose different prints, materials, colors, etc depending on your preferences. I prefer my key pieces to be better quality with timeless prints and colors because I can easily pair them with trendy pieces. My other reason to have better quality key items is that these are the most worn clothes in my wardrobe and usually, I have them for years. However, quality doesn’t mean more expensive.

Key pieces: blazer, shirt, smart trousers, jeans, basic t-shirt, knitwear, winter coat, flat shoes, bag

Write down your own key pieces, you don’t need to have a winter coat if you are living in Australia.


  • Clothes that look more expensive:

I always loved to purchase something that looks more expensive than it is. Try to look for good quality materials such as silk, lace, cotton, even a nice looking polyester or viscose can be a good choice for your outfit, don’t forget to play with different textures. Many times I bought shirts in Primark while everyone thought those are from Zara. Take the time to find more expensive looking pieces that fit your style.

  • Quality over quantity:

The most important thing! Always buy quality clothes than having a lot that you never wear. The rule is to buy only one quality item that you can wear with more things. You definitely don’t need eight pairs of shoes what you just like (and not even wear), buy something you LOVE. It would be amazing if your closet consists only clothes and accessories that you LOVE and you can wear with everything, isn’t it?

  • Colors and prints:

Always good to have some trendy and also classic prints and colors in your closet. I prefer to have only a few trendy ones, for example, the animal prints are so on trend now but in this case, I would buy only one animal printed belt or scarf, maybe a top but usually I try to buy classic prints and colors such as white, beige, powder colors, dots and check prints. You can match easily basic colors with special prints and as you know classic prints are coming back in every few years so better to buy those items.


  • Know your personal style, simple with a twist:

I always believed in a clear outfit with a little twist. This can be wearing different materials and textures together, mixing two maximum three colors in your outfit or put on different styles. When you put together your outfit, try to choose a basic top and bottom and then add some extra accessories or use some colors and prints in your outfit but never too much. If you are still looking for your personal style, I recommend to try out different things in the fitting rooms how you feel yourself in these clothes. Explore different websites such as Pinterest, Instagram for more inspiration but you don’t need to copy someone to be stylish because it wouldn’t be YOU. Try to find little things you like on others and then add to your style.

  • Know what looks good on you, fits you:

The hardest thing is to find out what looks good on you because sometimes you see yourself so different than others see you. BUT let me tell you something, I have never cared about others opinion. I mean… I listen to people who have a sense of fashion or someone tells me it’s not me. My sister always says to me ‘Ohh it’s such a weird outfit, but it looks good on you’. Basically, I wear what I like and I feel comfortable in. I think this is the most important thing. For example, if your style is wearing full black outfits, it’s totally fine. You can add extra accessories or add more textures and you look amazing because it fits you. Clothes are perfect to express your feelings, your style, your thoughts and feel powerful.


Last but not least, we are talking about style on a budget which means you need to have a budget to spend on clothes. Usually, I have a budget every month how much I can spend on new clothes, etc. or you can define how many pieces you can buy in one month. I prefer to spend my money on experiences and travel. Believe me, at the end of the year or your life you won’t remember that cute t-shirt you bought, you will remember for that holiday with your friends and weekend trip with your family.

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