The Ivy Tower Bridge – luxurious brunch date with Ben

In my opinion, it’s important to take care of your relationship and go for dates, again and again, do exciting things together and collect memories. That’s why me and Ben like to dress up and go out somewhere to drink a cup of coffee or eat a delicious breakfast and enjoy each others company. Usually, in the end, we start to speak about the future, the world and important things in life. But don’t worry, sometimes we just like to chill on the couch and watch movies or go for a trip in nature.

It’s nice to have a date night or date morning to spice up our relationship. That’s why we decided to go to The Ivy, one of my favorite restaurants in London where we also celebrated our anniversary last time (in Canary Wharf). This is a restaurant collection and they have different locations all over London but the interior is so luxurious in every place. The Ivy Tower Bridge is so special because of the incredible view of Tower Bridge. We ate a lovely breakfast and drank some coffee while we had a conversation about this beautiful life. After this luxurious brunch date, we went for a walk along the Thames, it was such a great Saturday morning together, can’t wait to repeat it again!

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