Exploring London with the girls – Brunch, Coffee, Architecture

As you know I LOVE London. This is one of my favorite cities in the world for years. After I moved here I’ve seen so many different sides of the city, not only from a tourist viewpoint. If you just visit London or you live here, you can’t get enough of its culture, beauty, and diversity. I like to go and lost in the city and explore new parts of it but my all time favorite spot is Tower Bridge and its area. I mentioned before, I get my inspiration from architecture, art and also from wonderful people. London is the perfect place to be inspired. It is incredible how the modern and old architecture meets in the country, especially in London, for me, it’s so utopian and futuristic. I can not take enough photo of Tower Bridge, it is so stunning and detailed. There are so many options to take pictures for Instagram. 🙂 Next to Tower Bridge, there is my favorite brunch place, The Ivy Tower Bridge where you can eat some luxurious breakfast with an amazing view.

I recommend to walk down next to the Thames to St. Paul Cathedral and then to the Bank area. This takes about 1-2 hours depending on you how many travel pictures you would like to take. On the way to St Paul, you can take pleasure in the Thames and its riverside. There is The Globe, some British pubs and also cool graffiti about Shakespeare. St Paul is also an amazing architecture. You can lay down in the park next to it and enjoy the sight.

The final destination is Bank where is the beautiful building of the Royal Exchange. On the side of it, there is the Royal Exchange Grind coffee bar which is part of the Grind Collection. Grind is my beloved coffee shop in London and I like to meet my friends here because it’s perfect for a chat and the coffee is amazing!

I am so happy to tell you, I started my own Airbnb Experience so if you are in London and you’d like to have an awesome Instagram photo tour on this route and you love breakfast and coffee, it’s definitely for you! 🙂

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