My week in pictures – DIY, escape room, summer trends



I love to renew my clothes or add some extra to them. I really wanted a pink blazer but I couldn’t find the perfect one. On this blazer, what I bought in Bershka I didn’t like the buttons, I think it looks so cheap. I decided to order a bunch of new gold buttons from Aliexpress for 2 dollars, then a little DIY and it looks so much more elegant and sophisticated.

So finally, I purchased this hair band after I saw on many people. But I feel like only the black one is nice on me, though there are so many cute colors and prints. 😀 oh and this gingham print dress was on sale in H&M for 4£.

Never stop planning and working. It is so much better on a pretty organized desk.

I was invited to one of the coolest escape rooms in London, the AIM Escape Rooms. We tried the Spy Heroes and it was so much fun to be a spy for an hour. Ben also enjoyed the game and it was nice to find the keys together.

If you’d like to try one of the AIM’s rooms, use my code: AIMX223 and get 10% off.

New favorite Mango and Coconut granola from Marks & Spencer! I love to eat this granola with yogurt, honey, and peaches. Yumm!

I drink one smoothie every day and recently I add some bacon to my avo toast! So delicious!

Tried some new summer pieces in H&M but the weather is still not that warm to wear little tops like these. I don’t like my upper body or just to show too much skin. So my summer outfits usually show my arms and shoulders OR my legs, never both.

I am so happy I changed the buttons on my blazer. I love it, the perfect piece for spring.

H&M Home is always the best for new decorations. Since Ben’s got a big office desk and moved his stuff from the kitchen table, we did some modification on how the living area looks like now. I made this minimalist table decor for the kitchen table. What do you think?

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