Ibiza again! – Our favourite place in the whole world

Hello guys,

I know it’s not fear to post pictures like these in November but I am in a nostalgic mood and I would like to show you some memories about our holiday in Ibiza.

This was the second time we went to Ibiza and I am 100% sure now this is our favourite place in the whole world. I know lots of people think Ibiza is only about the parties but I can tell you there are so much more than paties there.

The most beautiful beaches, delicious food, the nicest people and sunshine. What else do you need?

Last time we booked Ámare Hotel that reopened this summer. The interior is so incredible and elegant, the service is definitely worth the five star. Ibiza can be a little bit expensive but in my opinion better to spend on a luxury hotel or apartment and save on the flights and alcohol. 😀

Breakfast was included in our booking so basically we went out only for dinner. During the day we enjoyed staying at the hotel by the pool and the afternoon we went for a walk to the center in Ibiza or Saint Antonio where we stayed. We are not party animals anymore so we went out only one night.

I hope we go back soon because nothing better than enjoy the sunshine, swim in the sea and eat the most delicious food all day.


Ámare Hotel Ibiza




Skinny Kitchen

Ibiza Old Town

The view from Castell de Eivissa




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