Style on a budget – Key wardrobe pieces to buy on sales

Statement jumpers:

I love patterns on clothing so much, that’s why I couldn’t resist to buy this dogtooth-patterned boxy-style jumper. It’s from the H&M Conscious collection.

At winter, basically I live in these kind of fine-knit jumpers but sometimes it could be pricey as well. On sales, I try to find some basic pieces to my wardrobe that I can wear throuh the whole year. Love to wear it with jeans at spring and also perfect for layering at winter.




Blazers are also in the higher price category so this key wardrobe piece is definitely on my list when I look for something on sales. Oh yes, did I mentioned before I have a list?! I think it is so important and makes the whole procedure much easier!

Blazers are my all time favorites, I am wearing blazers for ten years now. I always look for better quality and nice prints that I can wear with many things and for years. There are colours and prints that never go out fashion like my new favourite blazer from Pull&Bear. I recommend to buy these kind of pieces.

I love to wear it with jeans, t-shirt and sneakers at spring and with high-heel boots and faux leather trousers at winter.


Trousers and jeans:

Usually, I never buy full price items. That’s how I bought all of my favourite trousers and jeans. I think it is quite easy to find a flattering jeans in the sales because there are lots of options to choose from. Try on as many as you can and buy only the perfect ones.

When I am looking for trousers it is definitely hard to find the ideal one. If it is a little bit longer what you like, you can take it to the sewer. I try to find key pieces that I can wear on the weekends and also in the office. Buy only the one that is comfortable and make you feel confident.



I know it is a hard one anyway, but in the winter sale you can find many spring/summer pieces for amazing prices. I always check the summer dresses and the swimsuits.

This time, I bought two swimsuits that I was looking for a long time. Especially, one-pieces could be more pricey on summer so I ordered some and lucky me they fitted amazing. I am ready for summer now and when I go for holiday I don’t need to panic about I don’t have anything to wear on the beach.


I like to think ahead that’s why I try to buy some summer clothes on winter sale and winter items on summer sale. You can save so much but also don’t forget to write a list what you need, what’s missing from your wardrobe and buy things that you can mix and match with your favourite pieces.

I also have a video on Instagram where I show you all the pieces I bought on the sales. You can watch it here!

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