My week in pictures – First week alone, spent my time with friends

Last week was my first week alone in London. If you don’t know, my bf, Ben is in Dubai for 3 months because of work. Can’t wait to visit him in February. I spent my time with friends and also had more free time for myself. I did some yoga, recorded videos for Igtv that I really enjoy to make. Basically, I decluttered almost the whole flat so everything is nice and tidy.

It feels Ben has already left for a couple of weeks but it was only the first week… Hmmm! I’m fine but being alone again after 3 years we live together, (I lived alone before in Budapest) it is definitely too quiet at home without him. But let’s see what happened last week. 🙂

I went to Westfield to check the sales again. I didn’t find anything and I realised why I like to shop online:D

Beautiful sunset on the way back home from work!

I had a little me time and used the HelloBody Coco Clear Mud Detox Mask! The first detox mask that doesn’t make my skin dry. Love it. Use my code: REFZYKM6WRJMM to get 30% off! Check out!

My all time favourite healthy banana pancakes! Igtv video is coming this week how I make it! 😋

Lovely afternoon with Niki! 👯‍♀️ We tried the tiramisu and the macarons at Cafe Concerto!

My high-school friend Rita, came from Birmingham to visit me. I show her where we live and Greenwich too. We were walking and chatting about life for hours.

We had an amazing lunch at Greenwich Grind. It was so delish! Blog post is coming soon about the whole experience! 😊

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