Arrows and Sparrows Cafe – Brunch date with Ben

Happy Sunday!

We love having brunch on the weekends so we sticked to this habit in Dubai too and went to Arrows and Sparrows. The atmosphere felt like Venice in LA, and the place was designed in such a pretty style.

Ben was soooo HANGRY, I think our order arrived in 15 minutes. First, we got the coffees and the orange juices. I ordered a cup of flat white with oat milk. The coffee was perfectly strong, exactly what I needed. I chose Banana pancakes with strawberry, nuts, cream on top, raspberry sauce and caramelised pineapples. Yumm! 😋🥞

Ben went for the Pulled beef sandwich: sourdough filled with home-made pulled beef, cheddar cheese, eggs on top and sweet potato puree. Wao! This was definitely next level! It was so delicious!

The vibe of the place was so amazing, the staff was lovely. I really recommend to visit this place if you are in Dubai.

They also have an amazing offer. If you buy a breakfast on the weekdays from 8-12am, you get FREE coffee. ☕️


Check out their website here and Instagram here!


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