Andreeas Beach Club Dubai

Hi everyone,

I still owe you some posts from Dubai, so let’s see how a cool beach club looks like in the UAE.

One of the highlights of this trip, was the Andreeas Beach Club where I went with the guys (Ben and his friend). You know I love Ibiza and the beach clubs there, but these are in Dubai, definitely next level.

The atmosphere of the club was elegant but boho, also loved the pretty decoration. The Dj was playing house music (my favourite!!!) and there were free drinks and food for the girls, yay! We enjoyed the sun and the music all day by the pool.

We also walked down to the sandy beach to see the amazing view to the city and the sea. Two camels were laying on the beach, they are such a beautiful creatures. I found some pretty shells too what I like to keep next to my bed so when I look at them I always remember for these beautiful moments.

I experienced one of those moments in my life when I felt pure happiness. Only me and Ben were walking on the beach and holding each others hands. I will never forget this feeling. ­čĺŚ


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