Dubai Airbnb tour

The Airbnb where we stayed in Dubai was beautiful so I thought I show you some pictures about the flat. The interior design of the Airbnb was so modern with bright colours and pretty details, exactly how I imagine our future home.

There were some pictures hanging on the wall and also fake flowers and plants everywhere to decorate the flat. I loved the white and wood furnitures together, they are matching really well. Because of the huge windows of the place, it was so bright and the view from the balcony was incredible.

The location of the flat was also great. There were so many shops, restaurant and coffee shops around the lake where the Airbnb was located, and the metro station was only 6 minutes walk away. On the top of the building there were the swimming pool and the sauna, and also a gym belonged to the building. I loved to stay in this Airbnb, it felt so luxurious. My favourite part was the pool that we could use any time.

You can watch the Dubai Airbnb tour on my IG tv here!




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