My week in pictures – First week staying at home, our self-isolation has started

Wao! These last few weeks were so stressful! I still can’t believe what’s happening. Sometimes when I woke up, it feels like a nightmare. I believe, the universe/the Earth tries to tell us it’s enough! We need to change now!

This week, Ben came back from Dubai, because we were afraid they close the UK borders and he can’t come back. I am so happy he is with me at home, I would go crazy without him!

I started to stock up some food last week when it started. I felt so stupid but now I am glad I did it. I bought a few cans, pasta and frozen veggies (don’t worry I didn’t go crazy). Actually, I am not sure how to prepare for situations like this or how much food we need in the next few weeks/months. All of the shops around us are almost empty. We try to stay healthy, take vitamins and cook healthy meals. We go for a walk every day and do exercise at home.

This week, I started to work from home. I really like it but I miss my colleges company. All the pubs, coffee shops and restaurants are closed, only the grocery stores and pharmacies are open. I am missing the life we had a few months ago! I think, we all realise in this situation how free we are and how many options and opportunities we have in 2020 (or we had before).

My tips what to do at home under self-isolation:

  • exercise
  • eat healthy, try new recipes or cook your favourite meals
  • go for a walk
  • call your friends and family
  • put on a face mask and have a bath
  • read your favourite books
  • listen podcasts
  • watch funny movies
  • play board games
  • talk about your feelings
  • meditate
  • learn something online


Stay safe and healthy everyone! 💗





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