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    My week in pictures – DIY, escape room, summer trends

        I love to renew my clothes or add some extra to them. I …

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    Exploring London with the girls – Brunch, Coffee, Architecture

    As you know I LOVE London. This is one of my favorite cities in the …

  • Food places
    The Ivy Tower Bridge – luxurious brunch date with Ben

    In my opinion, it’s important to take care of your relationship and go for …

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    Style on a budget – how to look classy and fashionable

    I’d like to share this blog post such a long time and so many …

  • 10 fun facts about me

    10 fun facts about me

      1.I think odd numbers mean bad luck so I hate them. 2.I was a rocker for two weeks when I was a teenager. 3.I used to play soccer in primary school. 4.If the fridge is full of food, that…

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