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Being on the platforms for years now and blogging about different food places around the world made me realize people are interested in new places where they can enjoy themselves and share the experience with others. Sharing quality pictures with attractive captions create long-term engagement between brands and customers that evolves a community.

Throughout my pictures, I not only show the food or coffee that the place provides but the experience and vibes too. This is what makes a strong social media impact.

That’s why I decided to start my business to help brands, food places and coffee shops to share stunning photos and engaging with clients on Social Media. Shall we make something great together?

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I love to work with brands who are passionate about their work and customers. It’s important for me to try out new products, support small businesses and use unique brands. When I work with brands I always like to share why I love to use their products and make beautiful, professional content in my style.

It is difficult to impress me but if I like something, I’d like to share it with the whole world. As a micro-influencer, I have a closer relationship with my followers and they have bigger trust in my word. I hope we can create something great together.

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