Oliveda – Starting my anti-aging journey

On my 26th birthday, I realised I am closer to 30 now so I definitely need to start to use anti-aging products soon. 😅 Of course I didn’t know where to start or I really need it or not. I think prevention is very important if we talk about our health, including our skin health. After my teenage years when I tried every products (good and bad, mostly bad), slowly but I learnt what my skin needs. I try to use skincare products that consist only natural ingredients and improve my skin health.

When Oliveda asked me to try their products I was excited to try the anti-aging range. I’ve been using the products in the last 1,5 months, so let me tell you my honest opinion about these products.

Oliveda’s most important feature is their products are based on the cell elixir of the olive tree, it is contained up to 70% in each of their products. First, the texture of the serum and the creams were so different that I used before, but now I used to it. I use the products only at night, before I go to bed because I feel the serum and the face cream are quite heavy on my skin and don’t feel good to put makeup on it.

Oliveda products are part of my night skincare routine and I absolutely love them. Especially, how my skin looks after I use the products. My skin gets a fresh glow and feels so moistured too. You can see a picture below how my skin looks after I applied the serum, face cream and the eye cream.


F06 Cell Active Facial Serum: This highly concentrated facial serum tightens, repairs and regenerates my stressed and dehydrated skin. The skin regains its vitality and radiates a fresh glow as you can see on my picture.

F07 Anti Aging Face Cream: After using this anti-aging face cream, the natural functions of my skin are again brought into balance, improving the skin health and significantly reducing the visible signs of aging. This cream also reduced the redness on my skin.

F09 Anti Wrinkle Eye Cream: The eye cream provides moisture on the skin and also refreshes the eyes. To be honest, I used it only for a week and I didn’t see a big difference so I stopped using it. Probably I will start to use it again in a few years, maybe after kids, haha:D I try to be very conscious of my sleep, I think that’s why I don’t have any dark circles under my eyes.

Oliveda has a 15% discount for you. If you’d like to try their products use the code: JUTTASZALONTAI15 on Oliveda.com


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