Dorina – Love Your Curves!

I am always happy when I hear about a brand that tries to be more eco-friendly and socially responsible. Dorina, the fashion lingerie brand also has a powerful message to every women around the world: Love Your Curves!

I had some issues with my body image in the past when others told me I am too skinny. It took time to don’t care about others opinion and love my body. That’s why, I truly believe in this message. No one is perfect, but it’s absolutely fine and that makes everyone very special.

At Dorina, they support and encourage women to express their true self, being natural and confident in their own way. They celebrate the diversity and natural beauty of all women.

They kindly sent me some lingeries to try on. I know it’s hard to find the perfect bra and shopping online makes the whole procedure more difficult. So I was very surprised when all of the sizes perfectly fitted on me. All Dorina’s bras and bralettes are stylish, sexy and comfortable too. They have so many designs and colours that you can choose from. My absolute favourites are the lace bralettes.

Dorina also tries to be more eco-friendly and increases the use of ECO-fibres in their collections and use only 100% sustainable packaging with no plastic and paper from SS2020. Wow, how cool is this! 🙂

Check out Dorina’s website here!


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