My name is Jutta, 26, from Hungary, living in London. I always loved to be creative and to connect with people so I decided to start my blog to share my favorite brands, restaurants and places around the world with others. My goal is to create a community where we can inspire and learn from each other.

After I got my degree from Social Sciences in Budapest, I moved to London and founded my online clothing brand, named Style and Note. Co which is supporting inspirational, self-conscious women.

My favorite part of the day is the morning while I’m having my breakfast. I never skip it because I like to sit down and think about my to-do list for the day. I love to try new brunch places and chat with my friends while we are drinking a cup of coffee.

I have a degree from social sciences so I decided to share my thoughts on my blog and Instagram about things in life. I have a strong opinion about our world and how important it is to care about what’s happening around us. I’m interested in self-improvement, psychology, mental-health and different cultures.

I love traveling around the world and discovering how wonderful this place is. Though the most fascinating experience is to discover amazing cultures and it’s delish cuisine. While being on these trips I like to record my experiences and to gather recommendations about what to see besides the well-known attractions.

After I discovered how great it is to document my life with a camera, I started to do videos on Instagram Tv to share content with my community and engage with them on Instagram stories to make a closer relationship. I love to create videos about my recipes, outfits, makeup, travel and the importance of mental health.

The reason why I decided to choose the current name for my blog is that I’d like to inspire everyone to stand out for yourself and for your values. Always try your best to achieve your dreams and be the change in this world while you enjoy living.

I hope you get some inspiration from my blog and you’ll join me on my adventures.

x Jutta